Tree removal and replacement is sometimes necessary to protect power lines. There may be properties in which removing the entire tree is the only option to protect the power lines. Obviously, tree removal is a permanent solution. This may be done when a fast-growing tree planted or growing directly under power lines would require frequent trimming, offering only a temporary solution. This need for continual or constant trimming can cause trees to develop internal decay and the tree may become a hazard not only to electric lines, but also to the property owner.

If Tri-County Electric removes a tree during a normal trimming cycle, a certificate for a replacement tree is issued to replace the hazardous tree with one from the approved tree list.

If the property owner prefers, Tri-County Electric will grind the stump of the removed tree in lieu of replacing the tree. The goal is to provide property owners with acceptable solutions for a landscape that requires a tree to be removed. It is also designed to help property owners to select a replacement tree that with a growth expectation that does not pose a hazard to the power lines.

In addition to tree cutting, Tri-County Electric manages undergrowth with a brush-cutting machine, tractor or mower. Sprayed liquid herbicide will be used to control woody-stemmed plants in the right-of-way. By using herbicides instead of clear cutting, Tri-County Electric will be able to target unwanted species of trees for removal while allowing “low growers” and native grasses to thrive. This creates a better balance between utility and the environment.