There are Broadband build updates! Tri-County Electric is proud to announce plans to build a fiber network throughout Trousdale County and the portion of Sumner County served by the Hartsville District. The project will be a Demand Response Pilot and will allow the rural electric cooperative, through their subsidiary Tri  County Fiber Communications, to provide broadband services to residents of Trousdale County, living in the co-op’s service area and not served by a rural telephone cooperative.

The Board of Directors, led by District H (Hartsville) Director and District Attorney General Tommy Thompson, approved moving forward with the Pilot program and build-out at their May 25th board meeting. The rural electric cooperative and Hartsville-Trousdale County Metro Government will partner on the project. Tri-County is in the process of finalizing the business model which includes identifying additional business partners and service providers. Finding a way to provide broadband to Trousdale County is something Tri-County Electric has been working on since the fall of 2013.

“I remember the first conversation we had with County Commission Chairman Mark Beeler regarding the lack of broadband in Trousdale County” Paul Thompson, Executive V.P. & General Manager of Tri-County Electric reflected. “This has by no means been an easy endeavor, but because of the commitment of Mark, Mayor Carman, Clint Satterfield, the County Commission, business leaders, such as Lewis Beasley and Betty Lou Taylor, and the community, it has been worthwhile. We also very much appreciate the support of Senator Haile and Representative Weaver.”

Senator Haile and Representative Weaver sponsored legislation during the 2014 legislative session to allow Tri-County Electric to provide broadband in Trousdale County. After studies by the ECD and TACIR were completed, Governor Bill Haslam included broadband legislation in his 2017 legislative package. “Fiber access is vital to students, businesses and for overall economic growth; not having broadband in today’s world is similar to not having electricity in the 1930’s and we have searched for ways to bring this needed service to Trousdale County.” stated District H Director Tommy Thompson. “This is a very good day for Tri-County Electric and Trousdale County.”

Tri-County Fiber Communications Update (2/23/18)

Our initial fiber build will be in the Highway 231 North area. Of course, this only applies to those members we are able to serve (not in NCTC’s ILEC). Those who are unsure should contact us. Roads affected are: Highway 231 North, Bass Road, Ladybug Lane, Echols Road/Governor Hall Road to the first 4-way stop, Homer Scott Road, Templow Road, Irongate Lane, the western parts of Honeysuckle Lane and Hawkins Branch Road, Browning Branch to Snake Hollow and the portion of Snake Hollow served from Browning Branch.

The ECD contract has been signed and our members should start seeing construction within a couple of weeks. We are sending information by mail, but anyone in the build area who has not signed an agreement can go to or call (615) 666-2111, ext. 114.

Tri-County Fiber Communications Update (9/11/18)

We are appreciative that so many people are excited about our Fiber to the Home Internet and we will try to provide updates on a more regular basis on this page! Please know that we do update our Facebook page frequently and you can still see those updates even if you “don’t do” Facebook. Simply click on the Facebook link to the left.

Now for the update:

Installations in the 1st build (Highway 231 North, Templow Road, Highway 25 West to Littleton Ranch Road areas) of Phase 1 began a couple of weeks ago. Our installer is scheduling appointments, so if 615-374-2986 shows up on Caller ID, please answer. We are in the process of setting up an extension so you can return his call if you miss him.

We are continuing to build drops in the Highway 25 West/Hartsville Pike to Rock Springs Road, Governor Hall Road, Corum Hill Road, part of Canoe Branch Road areas.

The fiber backbone is being built in the Highway 231 South, Brummitt Road, Carey Road, Oldham Road, part of Canoe Branch Road areas.

Please go to or call 615-666-2111, ext. 114 if you live in any of these areas and want service, but haven’t signed up.

Tri-County Fiber Communications Update (10/10/18)

Fiber Installations continue in our 1st build-out and we are working on drops and backbone in other areas. You will only be contacted when it is time to schedule your in-home installation. For those asking about updates…we will certainly post when we have new news to share, but you can contact us anytime with specific questions.

Tri-County Fiber Communications Update

We are moving along with our FTTH (Fiber to the Home) build-out. If you live on Highway 141 North, Browning Branch Road, Honeysuckle Lane, Harris Branch Road or Dalton Hollow and want internet service, but have not signed up, please do so at your earliest convenience. You can sign up online at or call 1-800-369-2111.