Effective August 1, 2023, Tri-County Electric will no longer be your source for requesting Electrical Inspections. All requests for Electrical Inspections will be requested directly with the State of Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

The link to Core.TN.gov is below to request and purchase your inspection.

On the landing page for the Core.TN.gov site you will find a “login” button on the top right of screen.

First time users will need to create an account with Core.TN.gov. Once you have created the account and verified it with your email response, you will be prompted to link your license to this account. From there you can then click “Apply”. You will be asked what you are applying for. You can then type “Electrical Inspection” and you will be given the directions to start your application. The final step will be to provide credit card payment.

There are video “help” tutorials on the site as well as contact phone numbers if you need help.

For general information or assistance, please call State of TN Commerce & Insurance at 615-741-2241.

Photo of Surge testor and blueprints