Member Services

Click the icon at the bottom of the page for quick facts for Tri-County Electric Members to find information to help you. See your options for paying your bill. Find out how we conduct tree maintenance. Learn a variety of ways to save energy. See how your complaints can be efficiently resolved.

Signing in to your Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation Account


When you sign into your private account, you will be able to see your electric usage for your home or business, pay your monthly bill and review any alerts.

To login, you will need either your username OR your Tri-County Electric account number. When entering your account number, enter only the numbers of your account. If your account includes a dash “-“ please eliminate it for the login.

If you have not yet set up your online account, click “New Account.” Use your Tri-County Electric account number and create a password that you will be able to remember but is not easy for someone to guess.

You will be guided through an account creation series of questions. Once your account is created, you will be able to login with your account number and password.

This is an icon that says, "Vegetation Maintenance" and has a drawing of a tree. It is used on the site as a click through hotlink button to take you to the Vegetation maintenance page of the website.
Image of Energy Saving with a hand holding an energy efficient light bulb. Button to click for Energy Saving Information.
Icon that says How to Pay Your Bill. It is used on the website as a button for finding instructions on ways to pay your electric bill.
This is a grapic of the Washington Monument surrounded by American flags with the words Washington Youth Tour. It is used to represent the Washington Youth Tour competition sponsored by Tri- County Electric.
image of Home Electric Safety with image of a power cord disconnected from an outlet. Hotlink button to click through to Home Electric Safety.
This is the icon for complaint resolution that includes a drawing of a handshake. It is the hotlink buttom to navigate to the complaint resolution page.
This is a graphic used for the Annual Meetings of Tri-County Electric. The image depicts a man making a presentation of a graphic and two people listening.