We experienced brutally cold weather during the month of February. Your home uses much more energy during cold weather, even when your thermostat settings are the same. According to the National Weather Service Data out of Nashville, Tennessee, February temperatures were well below normal. They recorded seven days that the temperature didn’t reach 32 degrees, three days with single-digit low temps, and the average monthly temperature was only 38 degrees.

Be prepared for higher electric bills and consider our levelized billing for the future. Levelized billing  keeps your bill about the same every month. It averages those larger winter and summer bills with the rest of the year to produce a much lower bill.

Facts to remember:

More than half the energy used in the average home is for heating.

Gas heating systems rely on electricity to power their fans.

Our residential electric rates are 17% below the national average.

February 2021 residential rates are lower than February 2020 rates.