Tri-County Electric members now have an additional and convenient CASH payment option.  We are participating in a program that allows our members to make payments at locations where many of our members currently shop.  Follow the steps below to enroll in the program.     

Step #1:  Member Obtains Barcode

Member gets their unique real-time barcode.  Once the barcode is received via email, the member can print a copy of the barcode or save on a mobile device.  Go to to receive barcode.

Step #2:  Go Shopping, Bring Barcode

Member shops at their favorite stores from over 50,000 merchant locations across the US.

Step #3:  Scan Items & Barcode at Checkout

Once member is ready to pay at the checkout line, simply scan the unique barcode from a mobile device or printed copy and indicate the desired payment amount.  That simple!  Please note, payments must be made using cash and there is a convenience fee of $1.50 per payment transaction as charged by the merchant.

Step #4:  Get Real-Time Validation

Once the bill is paid, the member will receive real-time verification that the payment has been approved.  Simultaneously, Tri-County Electric will receive verification and the account balance is updated.

Below are some merchants where payments can be made!