If the member-owner agrees to participate in our Demand Response Program, we waive the installation fee of $1,500. The goal of the program is to lower the demand charges the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) imposes on Tri-County Electric. The demand charge is based on the maximum amount of power TVA delivers to Tri-County Electric during any sixty minute period throughout the month. It can be the first hour of the month, the last hour of the month or any sixty minute period in between.

Our program mirrors the many successful Demand Response Programs that have been implemented across the country. A successful program accomplishes the desired demand reduction without any inconvenience to the member-owner.

The member-owner maintains ultimate control and can change the setting at any time. Our goal is not to prohibit our member-owners from using power, it is to coordinate the cycling process of their water heaters.

 If we had 1000 households participating for example and we initiated a demand response:

  1. We would activate the first group of 100 homes by communicating with the switch on the water heater asking it not to cycle on for 15 minutes and reduce the thermostat by 3 degrees.
  2. After 15 minutes this group would return to normal function and the second group of 100 homes would be activated.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 would be repeated throughout the peak demand period.
  4. Although the reduction in demand will be minimal at each residence, the collective reduction from the group will be beneficial.

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