Don’t dig without calling Tri-County! One of the worst mistakes in any construction project is failing to identify where lines are buried on the property! It is costly and even potentially dangerous to dig up underground power, gas, cable, phone and water lines. There may also be irrigation water lines or buried electrical fencing conduits.

Whether you are starting a landscaping project or undergoing renovation on your property or building something new, there MAY be underground utility lines! BEFORE you dig in Tennessee or Kentucky you MUST call BEFORE any work begins. It’s the law.

Tri-County can help you locate buried lines and avoid cutting through them or accidentally unearthing them. When you call, you will be asked some specific information about the property so that they can identify what (if any) lines are buried on the property. There’s no charge for our assistance with this, but be prepared to answer all our questions to expedite your construction request.