It is important to keep electric poles clear for the safety of those who work on the power lines. Attaching items to electric poles is against the law. Attaching items to Tri-County Electric’s poles is prohibited not only by Board Policy, but it is also a violation of state law due to the safety hazard it creates. Any item attached to our poles presents an obstacle to our linemen when they are climbing and, more importantly, items attached to poles can damage the linemen’s protective equipment resulting in serious injury or death.

It may seem like a small thing to attach a quick sign or poster to a utility pole, but each staple or nail or even piece of tape carries the risk of injuring someone as they work on the power lines.

Tri-County Electric Board Policy states:

Linemen that climb poles consider all attachments an obstruction that is hazardous to their health. For the safety of our employees Tri-County Electric policy is all poles should be kept free from all unnecessary climbing hazards.

Signs, posters, banners, notices, decorative lighting and other attachments shall not be placed on Tri-County Electric poles without concurrence of the owner.

Tennessee state law reads:

It is unlawful for any person to place or attach any type of show-card, poster, or advertising material or device, including election campaign literature, on any kind of poles, towers, or fixtures of any public utility company, whether privately or publicly owned or as defined in § 65-4-101, unless legally authorized to do so.

While it may seem easier and quicker to attach something to electric poles, please avoid doing so because you never know when a lineman may have to climb that pole in order to get the electricity back on. Each obstacle our linemen are required to overcome delays the efforts of restoring power to our member-owners.