Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation now has one central phone for all offices in the district. The new central phone number is: 1-800-369-2111. This replaces all local office numbers. While a number change is hard to get use to, this will be a local call from every area we serve. The 800 number has been in use for a long time, but it will now be used as our main contact line to improve communication.

This means that when our member-owners receive a call from the local office 1-800-369-2111 will be the number on the Caller ID display. It will also require our member-owners to dial the 1-800-369-2111 when contacting our offices. Many employees had local direct line numbers, but those numbers will no longer be in use. To contact an employee directly you will call 1-800-369-2111 and use their extension number. It will also give you the option to dial by directory if you don’t have the extension number of the person you are calling.

Please update our number in your contacts.