Tri-County Electric has become aware of some misleading information being shared to Co-op members concerning renewable energy projects. During this summer season, some solar contractors are becoming more and more aggressive. These contractors will call upon local members and offer solar installation opportunities. Sometimes, during these conversations, erroneous information may be shared causing Tri-County Electric members to be misled about the benefits of solar energy projects.

Tri-County Electric urges ALL Cooperative Members to listen closely to any renewable offer and contact the Cooperative to confirm the rules and guidelines that solar projects must follow. We want to stop any scam that may happen to our members. Tri-County Electric maintains a listing of solar contractors who work in the local area, which will identify a Quality Network of trained and experienced solar professionals. Tri-County Electric wants to help our members understand the benefits of renewable energy, but we also want to protect our member from harm. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have questions about a solar offer, please call Sam Miller, System Engineering Associate, 1-800-369-2111 Ext. 111.