Standing Stone State Park goes green! Standing Stone State Park in Tennessee, a Tri-County member, has completed the Gold Recognition Level of the TN State Parks Go Green With Us Initiative and Guidelines. The guidelines include multiple areas of environmental sustainability, including education and outreach, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste and recycling and much more.

This beautiful park is going above and beyond to be excellent stewards of our natural resources. Standing Stone State Park enhances ecosystem health by conducting controlled burns and planting butterfly-attracting plants. Regularly scheduled volunteer litter pickup events help keep the forest and the lake clean. There are also high-efficiency wood stoves for heating at both of the ranger residences.

The mission of the Tennessee State Parks Go Green With Us program is to preserve and protect our state parks through sustainable park operations, resource conservation, and recycling. Program components cover a diverse array of initiatives, including energy and water conservation through equipment and operations upgrades, recycling programs, projects to enhance ecosystem health and erosion control, among many others.

Visit Standing Stone State Park for park information.