Don’t get scammed by the solar sales presentation promising to eliminate your monthly electric bill. As a distributor of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) power, Tri-County Electric supports our member-owner’s interest in solar energy. Unfortunately, many of our member-owners are being deceived by so called “Solar Power Experts”. Our members are being told if they spend eight to ten thousand dollars or more installing solar, they can virtually eliminate their monthly electric bill. This is simply NOT true. In addition to the disappointment of discovering your investment will take twenty to thirty years or more to recoup the initial investment, you may be creating a safety hazard that could seriously injure or kill one of our linemen.

Solar installations require specific agreements between the local power company and in some instances, the Tennessee Valley Authority, electrical inspections, and the purchase of liability insurance coverage naming Tri-County Electric as an additional insured.

Tri-County Electric supports solar installations and we will gladly review any proposal the solar representative presents our member-owners at no cost. If the salesperson and their company are reputable, they will not be opposed to you having our electrical engineer review the proposal.

None of us should enter into an agreement we do not fully understand. Take the time to gather all the facts surrounding the three S’s of solar: confirm the promised SAVINGS are real; follow the SAFETY guidelines to ensure utility workers are not injured or killed; and don’t fall for a SCAM to take you hard earned money.