Landscaping with utility friendly trees will help keep vegetation away form power lines. In an effort to keep trees away from power lines, planting trees within 30 feet of the Right of Way of your property is prohibited. Trees found within the 30′ set back will be removed with the exception of “utility friendly” trees. An example of these trees includes dogwoods.

Members are encouraged to review the full list of trees in the Vegetation Management Program available from Tri-County Electric Customer Service. These acceptable trees must be “enrolled” in the Vegetation Management Program. The per tree fee is $5/month. This fee enables Tri-County to maintain and round those trees within the 30′ setback.

Even when you are planning to landscape with trees that are compliant with the utility friendly Vegetation Management Program, trees are planted in anticipation of their size once they mature. Each tree has an anticipated “drip line.” The drip line is the farthest tip of the longest branch – or where rain water would be dripping off the tree at the farthest radius from the trunk of the tree. When you are planting a new tree, you will need to imagine the tree fully mature and plan for a 15′ setback between the tree’s drip line and the power lines.